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Blrdroid | November 27, 2014

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Top 3 Android Apps from Indian Developers at Android App Expo 2014

Top 3 Android Apps from Indian Developers at Android App Expo 2014
shafeeq ts
  • On January 8, 2014
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We all know about the successful Android expo that was held a little time back by BlrDroid and GDG Bangalore. They presented the second edition which was the largest App exhibition held in India i.e. Android app Expo 2014.

We have seen a great rise in the Android developer community in the past few years and also we all are well aware about the popularity that the Android open source platform has gained since it has come into existence. Basically Android Expo 2014 was a chance given to the developers to showcase their talent as well as innovation in the development field, and also for the people who are willing to meet various organizations so that the organizations are also able to keep in touch with the new kids that are interested in it as well as really good in such stuff.

android apps expo 2014

android apps expo 2014

The event was organized on 5th of January at 10:00 AM at Hotel Royal Orchid in Bangalore. About more than 220 people took part in the event and we saw many very useful and amazing applications developed by them which may be released officially in the Android market too.

So here we have brought to you the three best applications that we saw in the expo and that were rewarded with prizes.


wooplr android app


Woopler is a very useful application for those people who love shopping. Basically we can say it as a social platform that is made for foodies as well as shopaholics so that they are able to discover the undiscovered places simply on their mobile devices. We know that there a lot of people who spend a lot of their time in searching products on online market websites like eBay or Flipkart before they make up their mind to shop for products offline. The application has somehow merged these both offline and online shopping for the present generation. The application also provides you an option with which you can love the product that you like depending upon your taste. If you click on a product you will be taken to a page where you will be able to see the likes as well as comments that the product has received. The application is really very useful and a must have app for shoppers.

Play Store:  Download


Jiffstore android app


JiffStore is also a shopping application that the users can download on their Apple as well as Android OS. The application allows the customer to make use of navigation system to place various orders and prevent them from wasting their time at crowded shops and waiting there for their orders. The application also empowers various supermarkets to approach their customers in a better way than before. The application provides the customers information about the product, its sales as well as purchasing patterns etc and in return allows the stores to take various kinds of decisions including the marketing as well as sales campaign. The mode of payment is cash on delivery. The customers have to pay the cash after the product has been handed over to him by the delivery boy. In addition to that the user also gets a notification on his mobile phone regarding the confirmation of payment. At present 26 supermarkets have signed up with this app which covering 22 areas in Bangalore and we can expect other supermarkets to join the app soon.

Play Store:  Download


dialapp : context aware dialer

dialapp : context aware dialer

Dial log is one of the most important features of your mobile phone. The dial log basically organizes all of your calls properly and tells you about the history of calls that you have made, missed or answered. The Dialapp application has a very simple idea with which you do not have to check and remember whom did u call when or whose call u missed or answer when. The application records all the incoming, outgoing and missed call data as well as your emails, photos and more data and turns itself into a personal assistant answering you every log related questions. So in the end the user can ask the questions like “to whom did I text yesterday?” or who called me when I was in New York?” etc. And you will be receiving accurate answers from the app. The application is really beneficial for businessmen who have to keep record of all of his calls and messages.

Play Store:  Download

These were the winning applications that were really able to impress the judges and were successful in creating such an impact that made them the winner among all other excellent applications. So it is time that you must download these winning applications and try it on your Android device now.

Listed Apps at Android App Expo 2014 

1. Surgery Tracker

2. Scandid

3. Shopera

4. Plash

5. Vasooli Manager

6. Jiffstore

7. Walk Me Up Alarm Clock

8. Dialapp

9. WooMe

10. Dual Cam (Frontback Camera)

11. Wooplr

12. AirGol

13. Ola Cabs

14. Dotbuster

15. Vocabul Jumble

16. pikSpeak Camera

17. Word Shift

18. Celebrity Clicks

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