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Blrdroid | November 28, 2014

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BlrDroid January, 2014 Meetup Overview

BlrDroid January, 2014 Meetup Overview
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BlrDroid guys with Dexetra team

BlrDroid guys with Dexetra team

BlrDroid organized an Android Tech meetup for all the Android developers and other interested people which was held on 25th of January 2014 in Intel technology at 10 AM. BlrDroid had already organized more meetups earlier which were successful in creating a lot of buzz among the tech people. The main Agenda of the meetup was discussion over few Android related topics like-

• Discussion with the team of Little Eye Lab
• Featuring of Android application
• Discussion related to current Android Ecosystem

To talk over these topics we had the team of Little Eye Labs, Team of Dexetra as well as Uttam Tripathi from Google with us.

There was also some group activity organized by BlrDroid in which demonstration of few Android application was organized. The applications that were demonstrated were:

DialApp- developed by the Kiran BH, from the team of Dexetra
DrawTyme – developed by Mr. Gaurang Kanvinde, from Draw Tyme
Ticket Pocket- developed by Mr. SenthilKumar Selvaraj, from VindroidSmart Apps

Some goodies given to part of tech talk and app demo which sponsored by Intel and So now let us have a look at the discussions that were held at the tech meet one by one.

Discussion with Little Eye Labs
Speaker: Little Eye Labs Team

Little Eye Lab team interview by BlrDroid

Little Eye Lab team interview by BlrDroid

The Bangalore based “Little eye labs” has been acquired by Facebook recently which had made it one of the first acquisition in India by the social networking giant. Little Eye Labs is basically a tool that helps the Android developers to analyze measure as well as optimize their applications. The team told that they all will be shifting to Facebook headquarters based in Menlo Park, California, where they will be leveraging with the Facebook’s infrastructure in order to improve their applications.

"Little Eye Labs" team at BlrDroid meet up

“Little Eye Labs” team at BlrDroid meet up

Things to focus on to get your applications featured on Google Play
Speakers: Dexetra team
The Dexetra team gave a very helpful lecture to the developers so that they can get their applications featured on Google play. With the help of these points users can also increase the download rate of their application from 10,000 to 50,000 per day. Some of the points that they included were:
• G+1’s: This is among one of the best way with which you application can attract the friends of you app users and at the same time is able to keep the download rate up and constant. Even after you application is featured, the +1s help a lot in getting the eyeballs on your application. They are regarded as one of the most powerful marketing tool.

• You app should be credible so that Google finds your application good and helpful.

• Validation is also very important thing, so if your idea is having value, you can make a lot of money with you application.

• User Feedback is one important thing to create a good understanding of your application among the users that have downloaded you application and also among those who are looking forward to download your application.

• In case your app is featured, you must make you system more rigid. For example- Allowing multiple logins at same time. Also your server should be capable of supporting lot of users and should not crash.

• The developer of the app should also maintain communications with the users so that you are able to solve the problems of your app users.

• In addition to that your application must have a modular coding, which should be re-usable and bug free. It must also have an attractive interface as well as backgrounds to attract the users.

• The UX can turn out to be and extra sauce to the application as it helps in reducing the custom UI components.
• And in the end they told about keeping your applications up to date by adding new features to it time to time and also publishing your application in various languages so that people all around the world are able to use it easily.


Current Android Ecosystem
Speaker: Mr. Uttam Tripathi (Regional Lead, Developer Relations at Google India)

Mr. Uttam Tripathi (Regional Lead at Google India) speaks at BlrDroid meetup

Mr. Uttam Tripathi (Regional Lead at Google India) speaks at BlrDroid meetup

Regarding the Android ecosystem Mr. Uttam Tripathi told us that Android ecosystem does not have much weakness. he shared user experience of apps in coming years and some tips for apps featuring in apps store.. Also he told us that Google Play can be considered as the heart of Android as it has all the applications that make it one of the most useful OS in the world.
So in addition to this the people who attended the tech meet were shown demonstration of few of the applications as mentioned above. And overall the tech meet was successful in education various developers some of the key facts of Android about which they were unaware earlier.

BlrDroid meetup at intel technology, bangalore.

BlrDroid meetup at intel technology, bangalore.

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